Conservation in Paradise: El Nido

Almost my entire professional life has been working in South East Asia. With it’s vibrant and colourful cultures, it’s extraordinary food and breathtaking scenery, not to mention warm and hospitable people, I can say I am well and truly addicted. Last … Continue reading

Screw the divers: The sad tale of Thern Da Seafood Pte Ltd.

On Nov 17 2011, the sales manager of Thern Da Seafood posted an incendiaryFacebook status update pissing off more than just a few people. Yesterday, a Facebook page for the same company popped up with a copy of the sales … Continue reading

Flip the switch for Conservation

No, not the light switch. Let me try and explain. My parents are proud of my passion for conservation, but I get the feeling like it’s a bit of a ‘pat on the head‘, ‘isn’t she cute‘, ‘oh for God’s … Continue reading