Flip the switch for Conservation

No, not the light switch. Let me try and explain. My parents are proud of my passion for conservation, but I get the feeling like it’s a bit of a ‘pat on the head‘, ‘isn’t she cute‘, ‘oh for God’s … Continue reading

Conservation in Paradise: El Nido

Almost my entire professional life has been working in South East Asia. With it’s vibrant and colourful cultures, it’s extraordinary food and breathtaking┬áscenery, not to mention warm and hospitable people, I can say I am well and truly addicted. Last … Continue reading

Screw the divers: The sad tale of Thern Da Seafood Pte Ltd.

On Nov 17 2011, the sales manager of Thern Da Seafood posted an incendiaryFacebook status update pissing off more than just a few people. Yesterday, a Facebook page for the same company popped up with a copy of the sales … Continue reading